Everyone is addicted to a certain thing. What are you addicted to? Cant be anything like drugs,alcohol,etc. Whether it be a behavior, product, smell etc. We all have something!

Cell Phone Addiction Therapy

Cell Phone Addiction Therapy

There are many types of addicts. not just drug addicts and sex addicts either. Some people are addicted to the weirdest stuff like feet… creepy. others are more normal like chocolate, but face it we are all addicted to something.

What are you addicted to?

Many people, especially those young people, seem to be addicted to their cell phones.

It can often be seen that every one stares at the screen of his/her cell phone while lining up and attending classes. Checking their cell phones every few minutes, some people are accused of treating their cell phones “like a fifth limb”. If they forget their cell phones somewhere, they would be panicked and can’t concentrate on anything.

Every one is addicted to a certain thing. What are you addicted to?

Tempting stuff that you really want some, but how can you get it

If I told you I’d have to kill you…

Take your pick from these shovels…

Loud music (guitar, bass playing)
Remote locations
War Zones
Speed (as in going fast)
Online games
playing sports
studying Chinese
Coffee, coffee and more coffee

I have also become addicted to meth to get over my masturbation addiction, but now I just masturbate in public. Will bath salts fix this?

have you always wondered what you are addicted to? Besides stuff like drugs and sex? do you want to know what makes you leave this world and enter your own? take this awesome quiz and find out.

Everyone is addicted to a certain thing. What are you addicted to?

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