Chinese students Are Forced to Take Exams Outdoors Despite Heavy Smog

Chinese students forced to take exams outdoors despite heavy smog

Chinese students forced to take exams outdoors despite heavy smog

You think your exam is hard? Chinese pupils are forced to take test outdoors in smog so thick they can barely see the questions

We must finally admit that chinese students are the best in the world: they could pass an exam during a nuclear winter.

But what a shame for beijing clique…It’s heathly to be outdoors away from that airfilter. Are they really number one

Tomorrow’s ot today’s cancer paintents.

A middle school in Linzhou, Henan province was recently criticized for asking nearly 400 students to take exams in the smog, in spite of the fact that local education authorities had instructed kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools in the region to temporarily cancel classes, local media reported.

Chinese pupils forced to take tests outdoors in heavy smog

Chinese pupils forced to take tests outdoors in heavy smog

Chinese pupils forced to take exams outdoors despite heavy smog

The students sat for English and math exams in the morning, and Chinese and physics exams on the afternoon of Dec. 19, according to one student. The headmaster acknowledged that the exams weren’t urgent, but argued that they had been organized in advance of the heavy smog.

The Bureau of Education in Linzhou said on Dec. 21 that the school’s headmaster, Feng Jisheng, has been suspended. Other staff involved in the decision have also received corresponding punishments.

Smog has become a periodic problem for China, prompting a red alert most recently in Hebei province and the municipality of Beijing this month. The education commission for Anyang prefecture has found that that Feng Jisheng, the head teacher at No. 1 Middle School in Linqi town, failed to heed official requests for all primary and middle school to suspend classes on Monday due to severe air pollution.

480 students were made to take their tests in Linzhou, China, on December 20. Despite the smog red alert, the exam took place as it had been ‘pre-arranged’ Northern China has been smothered by severe air pollution over the past week. After the pictures emerging online, the principal was suspended from post.

“I couldn’t see what I was reading”. It will make good excuse for blaming the smog for poor results. That would be illigal in ant Western country

Then again, what is wrong with it since indoors the air hardly can be any better. You do not suppose Chinese classrooms have air filters?

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