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DIY dyed sweater: Remember to gentle agitate dye solution. I used Rit dye in the color “tan” purchased from Michaels for $3 (with a 40% off coupon you can find on their website and use in store). Since this is a wool sweater

Teenager hormonal acne: Small zits all around mouth for dairy and soy. As a teenager I always struggled with hormonal acne that was helped with topical cream. I made the connection to the soy issue when I went on vacation over the summer and my skin cleared up SO MUCH while I wasn’t eating soy.

Sensitive Skin Routine: Reconsulting with Dermatologist. I have very very sensitive skin, and need stuff that’s gentle and not too drying. I also did try PocketDerm/Curology, but didn’t have much success. I’m considering picking that up again and reconsulting with my dermatologist on there. I’d love some advice for products that will help clear up my skin

Does the food you eat affect your health? Can What You Eat Affect Your Mental Health? What we put into our body has a massive impact on our health. Any special foods that you eat to be healthier? How healthy would a person who only eats junk food be?