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From Education Professor on 2016-10-16 17:51:44

Why do you need a policy for health and safety at work? - Academic Programs and Jobs


Why do I need a policy for health and safety at work?

It means more costs and more time spent away from my management responsibilities. Anyway, we don't get many accidents here – we're office based. Even if we did, that's what we're paying insurance for, isn't it?

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Why should you bother about health and safety at work?

There are three good reasons for a start: you have to bother because the law says so (and will penalise you if you don't); it's more costly not bothering; and accidents happen in every type of work environment. Find out the importance of health and safety here and assess the relevance of health and safety in your own organisation. Why bother?

On the face of it, this seems like a reasonable response to the question of health and safety at work. Let's consider these objections in more detail.

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