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From Fashion Designer on 2016-10-28 05:48:15

Who Will Comfort Me: Share your worst underdressed-for-the-occasion stories - Dressing up Tips

Commiserate with me - share your worst underdressed-for-the-occasion stories!

After being with FFA for so long now, I kind of can't believe the rookie move I pulled today -

I managed to be noticeably underdressed for a pretty major meeting because I went too far to the casual side of business casual. I'm kicking myself because I really should have known, but it was a last minute packing job (and my outfit would have been fine for similar meetings I've been to in the past, this group is just more formal).

Worst part is, Part II is tomorrow and my outfit is walking the same line... and I didn't pack myself the usual bajillion other options so I'm stuck with it. I was distracted by feeling out of place allllll day, so I'm just trying to mentally prepare to not let it get to me tomorrow, because there's nothing I can do.

So - when did you feel most uncomfortable or out of place for being underdressed? We've all been there... more times than we want to admit ;)

Edit: These are awesome stories! It was a great pick-me-up reading some the morning before day 2, and I'm still enjoying them from my couch at home now ;)

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