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DIY dyed sweater: Remember to gentle agitate dye solution. I used Rit dye in the color “tan” purchased from Michaels for $3 (with a 40% off coupon you can find on their website and use in store). Since this is a wool sweater

Business casual attire: Specific colors and materials make an undershirt more unnoticeable. The skirt and the top look okay together, but I’m uncertain if they match well enough to look professional. As for the undershirt, I find either black or a tan work best.

What is your Pinterest setup? Do you use it when shopping? Do you pin often? Have you established any rules around the pins you pick? If you never use pinterest, do you using something else? I use pinterest to showcase my dream style.

Who Will Comfort Me: Share your worst underdressed-for-the-occasion stories. I managed to be noticeably underdressed for a pretty major meeting because I went too far to the casual side of business casual. when did you feel most uncomfortable or out of place for being underdressed?