DIY dyed sweater

I’ve been wanting to try out dyes for a while now so I finally did it on this $5 sweater I found at the Salvation Army.

I used Rit dye in the color “tan” purchased from Michaels for $3 (with a 40% off coupon you can find on their website and use in store). The bottle dyes 2 pounds of fabric, but this sweater weighed .4 pounds so I still have a lot of dye leftover too!

Since this is a wool sweater, I added 1 cup of vinegar to the dye bath. I was scared to agitate the sweater too much (being wool) and ended up having to do a second dye job because it came out uneven. Remember to agitate constantly if you want to try out dying.

Beautiful job! The sweater looks so much better now.

Update: I like to redye my jeans when they start to fade.

I cheat because I stole an old magnetic stirrer from the lab and use that to gentle agitate my dye solution. I also give it a quick mix manually to help get an even dye job.

Which dye we’re you using, and did they have a good black dye?