Local Economic Position

Local Economic Position

Guidelines for Analysis of Local Commercial Circle

1. The economical position of the region where you are going to join in China:
(1). Developed (2). Developing (3). Less-developed

2. How many kinds of name brands of products are being sold in your region?
(1). Cosmetics and hairdressing series products
(2). Hairdressing products
(3). Washing and bathing products
(4). Products used in restaurants, hotels, foot-washing centers, and hospitals, etc.
(5). Perfume series products
(6). Aerosol series products

3. How many kinds of famous brand names and products acknowledged by consumers are there in your region? What share does each of them occupy respectively?

4. Please provide the origin places, names, use ranges, efficiency, appearance design, specifications and prices. The head office will make design, manufacture and production according to your demands.

5. Which service method and marketing strategy do you think the local consumers favor most?

6. Which method of service mode in your region is more popular: ration selling by beauty parlors, direct selling by marketing shops, retailing by supermarket and shops, or sending commodity at your door by salespeople? Which mode can bring you more profit?

7. Pleas tell us climate changes and air humidity in your region (which may affect the matching ratio of our products)

8. How many kinds of local products are there in your region? What shares do they hold in the local market? How about the sales situation in local area and the country?