Skirt fans, ease my skirt woes with your wisdom!

I need recommendations for your favorite skirts and how you wear them.

I’m trying to develop a more grown up/business casual wardrobe and I’ve been trying on a lot of skirts to add some variety to my wardrobe. Every skirt I’ve tried on feels way wrong. Maybe its because I’m used to wearing skinny jeans with relaxed tops?

I feel like I look really large in every skirt that flares out/pleats and I feel pencil skirts accentuate my ~fupa~ Maybe this is all because I have a pretty straight bod (not so tiny waist, no ass to speak of, bird legs) type with a fuller bust. Are skirts just not meant for me? or do I just need to get used to how skirts look on me?

TL;DR: what skirts look best for someone with a less narrow waist/straight bod?

pencil skirts for tiny waist

pencil skirts for tiny waist

Update: here are some pictures I took this weekend trying on pants (i tried on skirts too but it was a disaster) and one of me in my suit which I think i look fine in. I don’t have any other pics of me in a skirt because I don’t have any skirts.