Team Leader Development Project: Get to grips with Health, Safety and Environment Management System

[possible cartoon: senior manager talking to team leader – ‘The bad news is that health and safety is your responsibility… the good news is … you’re fired’
Or someone sitting in bed with a thermometer and with a leg in a cast? With this caption:

Doesn’t health and safety make you sick? Well, not paying attention to it can at any rate]

Challenges to Improving Workplace Safety | Get to grips with health and safety

Too many managers pay lip service to health and safety without understanding its importance as both a management practice and a way of benefiting people at work and the organisation itself. But managers must take safety at work seriously, not just because failure to do so can seriously damage people’s health but because the law says they must.
Health and safety may have a staid and boring image, but it need not have. In this unit, you will find all sorts of activities which are not just useful in the workplace but fun to do – how about designing a leaflet for health and safety? Making a risk assessment, which is as easy as falling off a bike, can help you and your team to stay safe and within the law, and there are tables to fill in, lists to tick, things to think about. It’s simple, straightforward and it’s what team leaders with managerial responsibility are about – thinking.

This unit will get you thinking. It will get you identifying hazards and risks, spotting shortfalls in policy and performance, and will prompt you to make improvements. It will not just show you how good you are at health and safety management; it will show you how good you are at management.