Became more aggressive with cutting out dairy and soy

As a teenager I always struggled with hormonal acne that was helped with topical cream. It seemed to have gotten better after I started university but I got these little small zits all around my mouth. While I always tended to avoid dairy as I have an allergy (it gives me hives on my neck and upper arms if consumed in large quantities), I also transition to a plant-based diet that contained a lot of soy alternatives. I made the connection to the soy issue when I went on vacation over the summer and my skin cleared up SO MUCH while I wasn’t eating soy.

Teenager hormonal acne: Small zits all around mouth for dairy and soy

My skin is normal and not particularly acne prone. I would like to note that in the after pictures I do have two small spots that healing from a moment of weakness last week when, due to some high stress that was school-related, I had some (a lot) of Ben and Jerry’s. Also, it is a little red as the only time I could take the picture was right after applying moisturizer.

My current skincare routines are:

Konjac sponge or micellar water
CeraVe AM spf 30 moisturizer
La Roche Posay Anthelios spf 60

Micellar water
CeraVa Hydrating Cleanser
The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner (when needed)
LiveClean Daily Moisturizer
Kate Sommerville EradiKate (as needed)

I learned in a developmental psychology class of mine that there’s no word for menopausal symptoms in Japanese because Japanese women don’t go through a hormone madness like other women do before their periods stop. It seemed to suggest that menopause and PMS are cultural. I remember reading a study done later about the effects of soy on their diets that might contribute to the easy menopause, which surprised me because the same article suggested that soy was why Japanese men aren’t very hairy and are relatively small (and also cautioned against giving pubertal American boys too much soy).

So I guess the whole concept is weird to me but plausible

Advice from Experts:

Congrats on your skin clearing up nicely! A possible reason the soy was making you break out is because soy contains hormones (I was shocked when I found out cuz I’d never thought plants produce hormones). Like cows milk some people find that it breaks them out due to the hormones in it. I’ve cut back on drinking milk and use almond milk as a substitute instead of soy