What is your Pinterest setup? Do you use it when shopping?

I use pinterest to showcase my dream style, in case I ever feel uninspired and unsure what my style is. Also to look at what I should add to my wardrobe.

So I was wondering how ya’ll use it. Do you pin often? Do you use it when shopping? What is your setup? Have you established any rules around the pins you pick? If you never use pinterest, do you using something else?

My set up is one main board and way too many targeted spin-offs (color palette, accessories, streetwear, knee-highs, summer, beauty, witch, ninja).

Then from all of my boards I pick my favorite pins and put them on a “capsule” board.. or what I would generally like my look to consist of. I vet my boards twice a month, which usually takes an hour or two.

I reference my pinterest a lot when I shop, first to collect idea of what to try on/buy and second to keep to my aesthetic goals. I basically always ask myself “would I pin this” or “would this fit __ board?” or “does this color match my color palette?” when I am shopping. If the answer is no, I put it back.

I have several rules for what I pin.

1) I must be willing to wear every single piece of clothing in the photo (exception for my ninja board which is more of an appreciation board). None of this I love this entire outfit except the hat or I hate everything in this picture but the shoes.

2) No polyvore collections. I feel like the destroy the mood.

3) I often use pinterest to get an idea of how to style an item. For example, last night I bought a blanket scarf and I looked up “blanket scarf outfit” to see how I should wrap it. I also sometimes use it for my boyfriend e.g. searched men’s grey blazer to figure out what pants and shoes he should wear with it. Pinterest has better results than a regular google search.

Update: I almost forgot 3) It can’t be hypersexualized to the point of looking like a porn shoot (looking at you witchy attire).

Also update: I also forgot my Pinterest, if anyone wanted to see what I was talking about.